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  1. johnnyonespur said: You can come over and hold our kids any time!

Haha, aww I’d love to! (in a non-creepy way!)

Also I am so good at predicting babies. Only if I get a really strong undeniable feeling though. I was so convinced that my boss’s baby would be a boy that I bought him some blue converse like 2 months ago before he was born. I can’t predict the exact name though but I can get close. I predicted they’d call him Charlie and they’ve called him Freddie. I told them earlier and they said Charlie was actually the 2nd name they had chosen!

I absolutely knew my sister was going to have a girl and my predicted name for her was Ella and she called her Ava so pretty close.

Ahhh, just held my boss’s 5 day old son. So cute. I passed him over to the new lad, I’ve never seen someone look so uncomfortable in their life. It was brilliant.

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